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March 31st, 2023 - Fight Club

The newest event startup at Karrer, the "Fight Club," is a club for well, fighting. Someone will challenge another person to a fight, and if they accept they will fight at a set date. There will be a $5 entry to watch, and the winner will take the pot. The creator of the club, S.R. will apparently profit a little bit of the cash. The fight club is expected to start in the summer, and will take place in one of the fighter's backyard. I have figured out some of the people who plan on fighting: H.F., R.R., J.G., and J.W. There are probably more, and I will update the site accordingly when I know more.

March 28th, 2023 - What is Legion of the Cube

The Legion of the Cube, (or LOTC for short) appears to be a student run group that hosts competitive events. They advertise free entry with prizes such as cash, giftcards, and materialistic items. The creator of the group is a Karrer student in the 7th grade. The group has had noteriety for its Minecraft and Discord server where they chat. I have recently joined their Discord server and as it appears, LOTC has become more of a broader term for the friendgroup rather than an individual community, with multiple other groups stemming from LOTC such as Fuglies and Tutle. LOTC boasts around 80 members which are all Karrer or Dublin City Schools students. They've also just celebrated their 1st year anniversary by becoming even more of a brand name rather than a community, since it already appears they have an appearal store and have donators to the group.

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